Discover & Escape 15.12.2015

Holiday Season in Dubrovnik

If you’ve ever been to Europe during the holidays, you’ve likely experienced the joy of open air Christmas markets on the main squares and streets. And Dubrovnik (thought no winter wonderland with its 18 Celsius (65 F) and snow cannon) does not disappoint.

Stroll down the main street Stradun for a Jolly Good Time!

The drill goes a little something like this: find a stand selling kuhano vino (see below), buy some red and wrap your fingers around the steaming cup, sip slowly as you wander through rows of little booths selling Christmas ornaments, pouches of lavender, and other homemade goodies that make for excellent souvenirs.

Mulled wine

Kuhano vino, literally “cooked wine,” is Croatia’s answer to the cold-weather call for mulled wine. If you’re unfamiliar with mulled wine, you’re missing out.


It’s essentially wine simmered with sugar or orange juice and mulling spices – usually a combination of cinnamon, anise, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, and dried fruit peels. Red (crno) varieties are most commonly mulled, but in Croatia you’ll also find white (bijelo) mulled wine.

Sretan Vam Božić i svako dobro u Novoj!

… is what your Croatian host my wish you for the upcoming season
(Merry Christmas and all the best in the upcoming year)


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