Discover & Escape 04.12.2015

St. Nicolas is coming to Dubrovnik!

Every year on the first weekend in December, in celebration of Dubrovnik Veterans Day and the feast of St. Nicholas, a classic car rally show is organized together with a traditional drive along the Stradun.

Organized by the “Dubrovnik Old-timers Antique Car Club”, during the show, all antique car enthusiasts’ show off their beloved “pets”, which they pamper and take care of. However, this is not just an ordinary classic car show. Arriving on the Stradun, all cars are led by St. Nicholas, behind the wheel of an attractive 1936 red Fiat Balilla old-time car.

To the delight of all the little children of Dubrovnik on the Stradun, all children who attend this event have a chance to ride with St. Nicholas in his shiny red beauty. Beside this, , St. Nicolas rewards all these good little children with gifts – chocolates, candies and other sweets, while adults and tourists have a chance to see and photograph the old time cars.

This red Fiat Balilla 508 Cabriolet

and its proud owner Perica Deranja have been one of the main attractions in the city of Dubrovnik. The car is from 1936, produced in the Torino factory with a chassis by Garavini, is today one of the ten remaining Balilla Cabriolets in the world, known to many as the Fiat Sporty Spider.


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