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Summer on Dubrovnik Green Market

As Croatians still cling to a “shop small”, buy locally and eat-home-cooked mentality most of the towns and villages set up a daily market at which residents can purchase fresh ingredients and even textiles or home goods in tiny batches, rather than stock up en masse at a super-sized supermarket.

Strolling through these town markets, typically held outdoors in a central square, gives visitors an unparalleled glimpse into the day-to-day life of locals.

So …

Plan to forgo your hotel continental breakfast one morning while in Dubrovnik, and hightail it to the Gundulićeva Poljana, or Gundulić Square, one of Dubrovnik’s most bustling squares and home to the town’s popular daily morning market.

Set in the middle of Dubrovnik’s charming Old Town in the shadows of the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the market is a veritable hub of produce and other sundries, which can be bought for a pittance and become the makings of a tasty — and fresh — breakfast.

Dried fruits are everywhere. Beautifully dried.

Look at these figs! And taste? Absolutely! Taste! Compare mine to hers! Taste!” – Each person is completely committed to his product, proud of it, and happy to share it with you.

Spend time meandering through the many stands, scoping out whatever fruits and veggies are in season and admiring the fish vendors, though you’ll also find folks hawking nuts, olive oils, homemade wine and fruit brandy, as well as non-edible goods like hand-sewn tablecloths.

Expect old-school weight scales

and vendors speaking CRinglish

[ def. trying but struggling English with Croatian words throw in (like you are supposed to understand them) delivered with a smile and a lot of hand gestures ]

… which is why we prepared you a “Pardon my Croatian” lesson for you: 

For an ultimate Dubrovnik #Instamoment wait until noon, when hundreds of pigeons, already lined up on the nearby roofs, impatiently wait for Dubrovnik belltower to strike, announcing the time to come soaring down to the market for their corn & grains lunch.  

While the boisterous market is one of the most popular events to occur in the square, Gundulićeva is also a scenic spot to stop for an afternoon coffee and a venue for evening concerts in warm weather.

Happy exploring and bon appetite!


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