Careers at Adriatic Luxury Hotels

Adriatic Luxury Hotels is Croatia's leading company in the hospitality industry.

We take great pride in our approach to human resources management, consulting, coaching, education, and training our employees in order to provide only the best, most genuine and reliable services to our guests, partners and stakeholders. We are dedicated to leading and developing those that have chosen to follow their passion for working in the hospitality industry. No other industry has as great an impact on people – both guests and personnel – as the hospitality industry. Finding, and keeping the right people can mean the difference between a marginal return on investment, and a business that lives up to its economic potential.

Welcome to our team

Adriatic Luxury Hotels - Human Resources Department
Vukovarska 17
20000 Dubrovnik

Our success is defined by the quality of the people we hire, and by the contributions, those people make to the guests we serve.

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