Culture & Art 14.04.2015

Dubrovnik Belltower

Best view of the City stage … or the ultimate selfie spot!

Wouldn’t you want to share a selfie with this backdrop?

Yes, right!

In 1385 Dubrovnik joined the city-states of the Italian Peninsula, France and England whose public clocks were calibrated to chime the exact time. Starting in 1444, the clock enjoyed a new location – newly built bell tower on the central axis of the main city promenade. 

Maro and Baro

At the top of the tower, bronze figures (known locally as Maro and Baro) strike the bell with hammers on the hour and half-hour., From their enviable 31 meter-high position, they have overseen the city as time and life unfolded in the very heart of Dubrovnik.

Their chimes, resounding with pride, also used to convoke the Republic’s Council session or warn in cases of danger. Distinctive and familiar, they still chime today with the only difference being the green patina acquired over time, which gave them the well-known nickname ‘Zelenci’ (Green guys). Sending hundreds of pigeons soaring in the air with each blow, they are a constant reminder of a glorious past that everyone in Dubrovnik feels proud to be a part of.

Once the exclusive domain of the diligent workmen who maintained its clock mechanism, the city bell tower has recently opened to the public.

Climb up, witness its past and take a photo with Dubrovnik’s main promenade and red-tiled roofs as a backdrop.

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