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CROATIA COLLECTION – A love affair between Fashion and Art

Over the years we have witnessed how the two quite seemingly different worlds of art and fashion have always managed to, somehow, walk side by side, forming creative relationships that seldom go unnoticed.

From the fashion creations of Fabiana Milazzo, to the art-inspired collections of Lena Kramarić, fashion and art have once again joined forces to create a collection of “must-have” pieces!

Fabiana Milazzos’ luxury designer collection is inspired by the art of Lena Kramarić.

Famous Brazilian fashion designer Fabiana Milazzo, fascinated by the beauty of Dubrovnik and inspired by the work of the Croatian artist Lena Kramarić, has created a new collection of clothes dedicated to Croatia.

Last summer, Fabiana came to Dubrovnik to spend her holidays with her husband Eduardo. Wandering the streets of Dubrovnik, it must have been fate that led Fabiana and Lena to to meet on Prijeko street. This charismatic and sensitive artist, whose strength is best manifested in choosing truly complex themes for painting, was recognized by renowned fashion designer Fabiana Milazzo. Fabiana was so impressed by Lena’s paintings that she proposed a partnership to create a new designer collection. Lena’s paintings inspired Fabiana who transferred Lena’s motifs and paintings to the entire collection of her dresses and clothes.

Fabiana Milazzo named her new collection “Croatia” which undoubtedly proves how impressed she was by Dubrovnik, Croatia and Lena’s art.

“Exploring feminine designs and the conscious use of raw materials, Fabiana worked with collage and overlaps techniques that she observed on Lena’s paintings. Applying together pieces of fabrics that would be disposed of, decorative and floral elements, the collection delivers artisanal and artistic pieces, that also have environmental responsibility. A loose creation process, that allows different sensations and receptions.“ – extract from Croatia Collection catalogue

The new Croatia collection was presented on March 15 at São Paulo Fashion Week, Brazil, accompanied by an exhibition of paintings by Lena Kramarić.


The dresses are also exhibited at Milazzo’s store in Los Angeles. In the background of the showcase, Milazzo also stacked red and white cubes, an unmistakeable symbol of Croatia.


Born 30. 11. 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia, she lives and works in Dubrovnik. She completed her postgraduate doctoral studies (PhD) at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and has exhibited widely in solo (Vienna) and group shows.

“Exploring the world around me in relation to my own inner world in an introspective and self-referential way I am trying to connect motifs of the real and surreal, of the actual, imaginary and subconscious in the narrative scenes, leaving enough space for observers to offer their individual interpretation. Collage as an art technique is an integral part of my work, as well as drawing, which comes at the beginning and at the end of everything I do.“ – Lena Kramarić


Graduated in fashion at the Italian Academy of Fashion, Art and Design. She is passionate about creating clothes in combination with art or any kind of creative process.

Fabiana Milazzo is the creative mind behind a luxury brand worn by Hollywood stars such as actress Katie Holmes and singer Fergie.




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