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ALH Times – 2019 issue

Newly redesigned issue: Bringing news, events, happenings, tips, recommendations, curiosities, light beach topics …Dive into the world of ALH and the wider Dubrovnik area!

page 32 * Minčeta Fort

The Minčeta tower stands on the highest point of the Dubrovnik city walls and is the most beautiful and most remarkable fort in Dubrovnik. Its walls are up to six meters thick to protect Dubrovnik from attacks by land. Equally impressive and beautiful from a distance and up close, this massive fort offers unforgettable views of the Old Town.

page 35 *Dubrovnik’s 5 ultimate love spots

Where better to spend your special moments than in Dubrovnik – listed as CNN’s top 10 places for a perfect proposal!

Already happily married? So were Liz Taylor and Richard Burton when they escaped to the Dubrovnik for their romantic getaway.

page 12 * The Sorkočević summer villa

Owning a villa outside the crowded city centre still remains a dream of many – and it hasn’t changed much since the 14th century when members of the Dubrovnik nobility started to understand the benefits of spending summer months away from the city crowds. 

Today, very few indeed are accessible to the public, rendering Dubrovnik’s villa culture an enduringly secretive, semi-hidden world.

page 48 *Fun facts about Croatia you’d never have guessed

* Croatian Ivan Vučetić pioneered the use of fingerprinting
* The Roman amphitheatre in Pula is the 6th largest amphitheatre in the world
* Zadar is home to the world’s first “sea organ” – a pipe organ at sea level played by the waves.
* Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the electrical age, was born in Croatia.

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