InsideALH 23.03.2015

ALH “Vintage” Times – Special Centennial Edition

Step into the history and get to know Dubrovnik in its full glance and glory. Witness the creation of customs and tradition of Dubrovnik and find out about major discoveries in the world 100 years ago …

The “Vintage” ALH Times is a special centennial edition inspired by events in 1913’s Dubrovnik and its surroundings, matching the exact opening time of today’s Hotel Excelsior.

The magazine takes you back a 100 years, revealing which “current news” filled the columns of Dubrovnik newspapers and captured the attention of their readers, vividly transcribing daily life of its citizens on to narrow newspaper columns, giving a unique testament of one particular period from Dubrovnik’s longstanding history.

To read the special centennial edition of ALH Times please click here.


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