InsideALH 24.07.2018

Visit ELLE MAGAZINE’s pop-up boutique!

Elle Magazine is taking its summer vacation in Dubrovnik this year, setting up shop in

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, hosting some of the best of Croatian fashion designers from July 16 – August 15.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace has always paid an homage to the best of Croatian artistry, craftsmanship and design,

starting from its interiors envisioned by 3LHD group, its furniture by Prostoria group and artwork by masters like Džamonja and Murtić just to name a few. It seemed as an obvious choice to host summer pop-up with some of the best young Croatian fashion designers, including: 

Ana Maria Ricov, Dioralop, Klisab, Lokomotiva by Lana Puljić, Loré, Sheriff & Cherry, and SOEL by Sonja Lamut.


So, when next you need a break from the beach, head on the 7th floor of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

The boutique is opened every day from 08.00 to 21:00. 

A stylish store kick off

was on the scenic seafront of Vala Beach Club, under the stary July skies and open seas.


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