Gourmet 26.05.2015

Pardon My Croatian – Ice cream edition

If you are one of those:

„Money can’t buy happiness,
but it can buy ice cream,
which is kind of the same thing“

… kind of people, you’re in luck – we’re entering high season of frozen treats!

Walking around the Old Town, especially the main street, Stradun, you’ll probably be tempted to stop for one, or two, or three colourful scoops before sightseeing … and after sightseeing,
and on your way to the beach …
and before dinner,
and most probably before you go back to the hotel…

And that’s ok, we completely understand!

Here are a few useful Croatian phrases:
(though don’t be surprised if your ice-cream vendor knows how to say “Would you like one more scoop“ in approximately 20 different languages.)


Hi – Dobar dan.
Can I please get one scoop of  … – Mogu li dobiti kuglicu … [MO-gu lee DOH-bee-tee KU-gli-tsoo]
Chocolate – Čokolada  [cho-ko-LAH-dah]
Vanilla – Vanilija   [VAH-nee-lee-yah]
Strawberry – Jagoda  [YAH-go-dah]
Dubrovnik bitter orange (we definitely recommend) – Ljuta naranča [L’Yoota nah-rahn-cha]
Lemon – Limun  [LEE-moon]
Walnut – Orah  [O-rah]
Pistachio – Pistacijo   [PI-stah-CHEE-o]
Now that you know  the  basic flavours, all that is left to decide  is whether you want it in:
A regular cone – Kornet  [KOR-net] or a big sweet scone – Slatki kornet  [slaht-kee KOR-net]
Cup – Čašica  [CHA-SHEE-tsa]

Tip: with a selection of approximately 20 different flavours, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one, but most places offer a:

Half-and-half scoop Just ask for POLA-POLA (half and half)
Bon appetite – Uslast [OO-slast]


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