Culture & Art 02.02.2016

“Grličanje” – Blessing of the throat

is one of the integral parts of St. Blaise celebration,

this year held againg in renovated church of St. Blaise in the Old Town.

The historical figure of Blasius was a physician, and bishop of Sebastia in Cappadocia (Turkey) who, according to legend, saved a child when a fish bone got stuck in his throat, with nothing but a sign of the cross on his forehead and a prayer. In his prayer, he said: “This is my prayer, which should not be only to the benefit of this child, but also to all who would ask you, dear God, in my name, to cure them of diseases of the throat. Help them and every human being.”

Originating there, one of integral parts of St. Blaise celebrations is “grličanje” or the blessing of the throat. 

At this ritual, the Rector places two crossed candles around the neck of the believer and gives his blessing with a sign of the cross. “Through the intercession of St. Blaise, may God relieve you of ailments of the throat and other evils. Amen.”

It is believed that in this way with the provision of St. Blaise, God will protect ones’ throat from disease.


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