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Experiences – Tours and Activities in and around Dubrovnik

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To make the best of your stay in Dubrovnik, experience some of the best tours and activities which can be organised through our tour desks, located across our properties at reception level.

From walking tours to cable car rides, island tours and boat hire to day tours beyond the region…all within your reach with the help of our friendly desk agents courtesy of our very own Adriatic Luxury Services.

Oyster Tasting in Ston Bay

Mali Ston, a small bay about 45 minutes drive north of Dubrovnik is one of the few remaining places in the Mediterranean that still has water clean and clear enough, along with an unique set of favourable hydrological conditions to support oyster farming. Oysters have been harvested in Ston since Roman times. The peak of oyster season is the beginning of March, traditionally starting with the feast of St. Joseph, when they are the fullest, but can be enjoyed fresh throughout the entire summer.  

While in the area …

While it is a common belief that oysters are best paired with champagne, we beg to differ!  Wine is the natural companion to oysters. So since you are already in the Peljašac wine growing region, use this opportunity to discover one of the many wine tours the area has to offer.

Also visit:

  • Ston City Walls – one of the best kept secrets – the longest complete fortress system around a town in Europe – in fact second after the Great Wall of China.
  • Ston Salt Works – sea salt harvesting facilities that date back to the period of Dubrovnik Republic and still operate as they did 500 years ago.

Wine Tasting in Pelješac Peninsula

Sprawling over 355 square kilometres, the Pelješac Peninsula is the largest peninsula in Dalmatia. Introduced by the Greeks and then advanced by the Romans, wine production has a long history in Pelješac. Nowadays, you’ll find acres of vineyards interspersed by olive trees throughout the Pelješac peninsula but concentrated mainly in the southeast. 
The peninsula of Pelješac is a Mediterranean paradise that will make you fall in love with the entire Dubrovnik region. This wonderful peninsula is famous for great wine, Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful small villages set among old olive groves and vineyards. You will have an opportunity to taste some of the best wines of the region on a visit to selected wineries…

If you are visiting Pelješac vineyards on your own, before starting out, make sure to pick up a map of the wine cellars at the Ston tourist office. Don’t worry – the wine cellars aren’t hard to find since there is only one main road running through the Pelješac peninsula and the cellars are all well signed.

Day yacht tour around Elafiti Islands

You will enjoy the cruise towards the Elaphiti Islands, a breathtaking archipelago of thirteen lovely islands, the guardians of Dubrovnik seas. Blessed with lush woodland and white, rocky outcrops that enhance the deep blues and greens of the Adriatic, Elaphiti are the true gems of unique beauty. Cruise around the isles’ many coves, hidden bays, sandy beaches and fishing villages, with ample opportunity for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Only three islands are inhabited: Šipan, Lopud and Koločep and others are just oasis for those in search for relaxation and solitude. During the 15th century, many aristocratic Dubrovnik families built their summer manors on Elaphiti Islands.

To book your desired experience or inquire about additional tours and activities we can organize for you, speak to our friendly agents at ALS (Adriatic Luxury Services) desks at the hotel reception. Each of our properties has a designated tour desk to help with all your needs beyond the hotel.


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