InsideALH 27.05.2022

A step in the right direction…

Adriatic Luxury Hotels have partnered with EARTHBOUND – a Croatian bio-based sneaker brand – to supply sustainable work wear for ALH employees.


The team behind the Croatian footwear brand EARTHBOUND have kick-started a completely alternative manufacturing process with the goal of creating the next generation of footwear with minimal impact on the environment.

Without compromising on comfort, durability and style, EARTHBOUND’s sneakers are crafted in Croatia from natural materials such as hemp, wool, cork, natural latex rubber and eucalyptus, sourced from suppliers who have passed EARTHBOUND’s rigorous ecological standards.

EARTHBOUND is the first Croatian B Corp certified company.


As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts and the strive to embed truly sustainable practices around our key values and everyday operations, Earthbound- a true Croatian pioneer in eco-footwear – was the natural choice. Together we have re-imagined the look of our key staff work-wear, and secured quality, breathable footwear for our team. Using the strongest natural fibers, we will be greeting you wearing durable and stylish sneakers all the while ensuring minimal environmental impact through the whole process.


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