InsideALH 09.07.2015

45+ and still looking great

Forty-five might be considered young for a facelift, but it’s just about the right time for this 3-star hotel to undergo a major makeover. This August, hotel Kompas will become a new, elegant four-star hotel, an old but completely new edition to the Adriatic Luxury Hotels collection.


While numerous glass surfaces and simple white lines will define the exterior, the interior of the hotel will be an urban, fresh, yet sophisticatedly calm and unobtrusive place, ideal for a perfect vacation.

Zoran Balog, the lead architect, has left his distinctive mark on the overall project, but the special atmosphere of the interior is brought to us by designer duo Dejan Franić and Saša Šekoranja, teamed up in a creative studio carrying their names: Studio Franić Šekoranja.

”We wanted to design a hotel that would be unobtrusively unique, a blend of urban and maritime, art and design, business and relaxation – these were the guidelines we’ve followed while selecting furniture, fabrics, and decorations, as well as in the organization of the space.” This is how the two designers, most responsible for the new urban look of the hotel, describe their vision.

The uniqueness of the interior is emphasized by oversized authentic pieces of artwork created by Saša Šekoranja, whose work is most often inspired by local vegetation. This painter, photographer, well known  Croatian florist, set designer, illustrator, and overall a great artist and aesthete reveals that nature is a measure of everything that is important and it is everything that inspires him – nature is one his greatest fascinations.  

The designers’ wish to bring nature inside the hotel is noticeable throughout the interior, from the colours and fabrics used in public spaces to the sketches of flowers and plants found in every one of the hotel’s rooms and suites.

”Light grey and beige colours of light wood prevail in the interiors – since these are the colours we mostly encounter near the sea. These colours also complement the blues of the sky and the sea. The basic expression of forms and shapes found in the interior is classically modernistic, in order to be completely compatible with the overall architecture of the building,” added the designers, explaining their inspiration.


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