Culture & Art 18.01.2023

Dubrovnik’s ultimate ❤ spots

Where better to spend your special moments than in Dubrovnik – listed as CNN’s top 10 places for a perfect proposal! 

Already happily married? So were Liz Taylor and Richard Burton when they escaped to the Dubrovnik for their romantic getaway.

Breakwater Porporela

Porporela is the place where lovers finish their promenade through the Old Town.  Hidden from inquisitive eyes it is a popular romantic spot for couples to enjoy amazing sunsets and sounds of waves splashing against the rocks. 

Sunset photo session atop Mt. Srđ

Whether you hike up or take the cable car up the mountain Srđ sweeping views of the red-tilled roofs, massive city walls and deep blue sea in the palm of your hand create some of the most romantic backdrops for your photos.  

Love-Locks on Boninovo

It’s colloquially known as “The Love-Locks Fence” because its chain-link sides have been festooned with hundreds of padlocks, symbolizing couples’ enduring passion. These love-locks have been engraved with initials, names and/or dates, and sometimes flourished with keepsakes and ribbons. Many lovers take this business seriously, clamping with intent and throwing their lock-keys in the sea; some less romantic souls, though, have used combination locks, hedging their bets that some other love might come along. While there are may “Love-Lock” bridges and fences all over Europe we dare to say that only a few have such a nice view.  

Valentines at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace…

Celebrate Valentine’s day in Dubrovnik, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace offers wonderfully appointed sea-view rooms, and as a special treat for the day of love, enjoy a three-course dinner at our intimate restaurant.


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