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Dive into happiness!

Following the route of ancient Greek galleys, Ulysses and Jacques Cousteau in to the purest waters of the Adriatic …

The great 20th century marine biologist and explorer, Jacques Cousteau said that Mljet is one of the world’s most beautiful islands. According to Cousteau, the sea around Mljet is one of the purest in the world, making this area perfect for diving and exploring underwater life. The sea around Mljet Island is clear and transparent so you can explore underwater animal life, numerous caves and fascinating Roman ruins.
Explore this underwater world and discover red coral, octopus or lobster, or simply enjoy searching for different kinds of shellfish. There are beautiful rock formations, and caves which you’ll find along your diving route. While diving you might see some amphora or some other ancient artifacts.  You will never discover all the secrets of the sea, but you’ll find many when you dive on Mljet, a beautiful area with crystal clear sea.

We recommend several diving locations:
Greben Štit is the area on the southwest part of the island, rich in flora and fauna. While diving here you’ll see schools of different kinds of fish and certainly some lobsters. If you are lucky you will find some red coral.
Ulysses’ cave is a marine cave that owes its name to an ancient legend according to which the adventurous Ulysses spent seven years on Mljet, enchanted by the beautiful nymph Calypso who lived right in this cave. While diving, you will see the amazing water colours on your way in and out, which will surely make this an unforgettable experience!

Lenga is located on the southern part of Mljet. In deeper parts of the Lenga diving spot you can find red coral, while in shallow parts there is also rich flora and fauna and various sea animals. This area has lost holes in the rock where lobsters or octopus hide.

Vanji škoj is a reef near the Great and Small Lake. This area is full of algae. There are lots of cliffs, and interesting rock formations to explore. The sea bed is covered with white sand.

Goli rat is located on the westernmost part of the island. Here you can see ancient ruins. Diving around magnificent ruins of shipwrecks from ancient times and finding an old anchor or ancient amphora is how you will discover one of the secrets hidden in the sea.

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