Discover & Escape 03.05.2018

M(a)y Dubrovnik weekend spots

May is possibly one of the best times of the year to visit Dubrovnik … The air is fresh, the days are long, the flowers are bursting with colour and temperatures range from 21-31°C. You can feel the summer coming and just knowing that fills you with that child-like anticipation of lazy lingering days, free of responsibility, no matter how old you are.

If you’re joining us this May, here are a few suggestions for making the most of your days:


City Cafe or Gradska kavana 

There is no better way to start the day than lingering over a cup of coffee and a pastry on the best terrace in the Old Town. 

Set right on the corner between the Dubrovnik cathedral and main street Stradun, the terrace of Gradska Kavana is one of the best places to watch the city wake up, observe the crowds ebb and flow down the main street, while locals go about their business …


And it has been like that for ages. Literally translated as City café, the place has been open since 1880, and remains a favourite gathering spot for Dubrovnik’s gentility to read the newspapers, comment on city affairs and exchange gossip.  

Green Market, Gundulić Square

Stop by as May brings an explosion of colours and local flavours, including our favourites, strawberries (jagode) and cherries (kriješve). Make sure to drop by during the morning as the market closes before the afternoon siesta.

For an ultimate Dubrovnik #Instamoment wait until noon, when hundreds of pigeons, already lined up on the nearby roofs, impatiently wait for the Dubrovnik clock tower to strike, announcing the time to come soaring down to the market for their corn and grains lunch. 


City walls tour 

It is an absolute must any time of the year, but May weather provides that ideal  not too hot, not too windy, not too crowded experience.

From up high on the walls, you witness the daily life that runs under the shadow of the walls. Red tiled roofs, window gardens, clotheslines suspended above the narrow streets and homemade grappa ripening in the sun are just some of the motifs that announce “I’m spending my vacation on the Adriatic”. Make sure your camera has enough batteries and memory space!

(This May spend an) Artsy afternoon with Picasso | This year’s exhibition at the Convent of St. Claire features the grand master’s selection of ceramics – “The Lake Collection of Picasso Ceramics”, which is managed by the collector and the owner of Slovenian gallery Deva Puri, David Razjanjcev, consisting of over a hundred original ceramic works by Picasso. In addition to the ceramics there are also thirty original graphic works and posters by the artist.

For an “out of Dubrovnik afternoon” it is no secret that touring the Pelješac vineyards (BLOG), with oyster tasting in Ston (BLOG) make some of our favourite pastimes.


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