InsideALH 13.05.2021


Well-being and safety of guests, partners and employees is an essential matter and a duty for Adriatic Luxury Hotels. The group is committed to the development, implementation, and continual improvements of its Biosafety management system (BSMS), eliminating hazards, reducing risks, and addressing opportunities.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels group implemented Biosafety management system and is committed to:

  • implement sanitary protocols at the workplaces and in other organization-owned locations that align with the biosafety risk management recommendations issued by relevant government, national and international competent authorities or organizations
  • define set of facilities, hygiene, people and process related policies for the purpose of establishing safety framework in the overall business and performance to provide a reasonable level of security that appropriate prescribed measures have been taken regarding the epidemiological situation related to the COVID-19 virus
  • fulfilling legal requirements and other requirements
  • eliminating hazards and reducing BSMS risks
  • providing safe and healthy working conditions
  • a healthy and safe environment for guests during their stay
  • securing responsibilities and authorities of employees at all levels of the BSMS
  • the continual training of all employees for the purpose of gaining BSMS knowledge
  • securing financial and other resources for the continual improvement of the BSMS
  • the continual improvement of the Biosafety management system

Reporting on the results of monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation of the Biosafety management system represents the basis for planning and implementing Biosafety programme in the framework of regular business activities.

All persons working under Adriatic Luxury Hotels´ control shall be aware of this policy and its commitments.


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