InsideALH 17.08.2022

Sustainable Beauty with BioBaza

In partnership with a Croatian cosmetic company Magdis – producer of natural cosmetic brand Biobaza – ALH has created an authentic, sustainable eco-friendly cosmetics line that is completely recyclable.


The newly developed cosmetic line will include hair and body care and will be exclusively available in selected ALH properties. An ode to the Adriatic, this unique citrus and almond based collection is the result of extensive research, development, and an individual approach tailored to sustainable skin care. We have implemented circular solutions into the production of this cosmetics line, meaning that the packaging used for this purpose will be completely recyclable and eco-friendly.


Biobaza, a line of natural cosmetics of pharmaceutical quality, was developed and produced with great care by Croatian experts for pharmaceutical production. Biobaza products are adapted to sensitive skin because there are no preservatives, irritants, artificial fragrances (perfumes) or colors. During product development, an emphasis is placed on the pharmaceutical quality and a high proportion of ingredients of natural origin. The exact proportion of the raw materials of natural origin is marked on each product. BIOBAZA products contain high-quality active ingredients: natural butters, vegetable and essential oils, extracts and others. Each Biobaza product series is LABORATORY TESTED and the quality of products is systematically monitored. Moreover, BIOBAZA uses packaging that additionally protects the quality of products and is user-friendly.

Biobaza products are not tested on animals and they do not contain ingredients tested on animals.

BIOBAZA products do not contain genetically modified organisms and are not produced using genetic engineering techniques.


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