Culture & Art 09.04.2018

ALH Times – 2018 issue

Newly redesigned issue: Bringing news, events, happenings, tips, recommendations, curiosities, light beach topics …Dive into the world of ALH and the wider Dubrovnik area!


page 40 *Fort Lovrijenac

The Fort itself is often referred to as ‘The Gibraltar of Dubrovnik’ due to its dramatic location jutting out grandly in the Adriatic Sea and standing guard against attack.

Dominating both the sea and land entrances to the city’s western side together with Bokar Fort, it closes in and protects Dubrovnik’s oldest harbour.

page 17 *Skalini

“If a Stairmaster could somehow be turned into a town – that would definitively be Dubrovnik Old Town” 

page 12 *SummerHouses of Rijeka dubrovačka

Owning a villa outside the crowded city cetre still remains a dream of many – and it hasn’t changed much since the 14th century when members of the Dubrovnik nobility started to understand the benefits of spending summer months away from the city crowds. 


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