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8 Dubrovnik summer don’ts

Rule book for surviving your summer holidays on the streets of Dubrovnik!

Juice after a fish meal – ‘oslobodibože’ or ‘Godforbid – almost treated as an insult. Same goes for beer, and coke … pretty much everything exept wine and water.

Sandal’s and socks – seriously?! need we say more?

City Walls tour at July’s noon – unless spaghetti strap tan becomes a trend

… forget sunglasses! – Locals never do! Even on a rainy day. As for which ones: the bigger the better, the bolder the cooler.

Fall asleep in the draft! Or sit on stone surface without a cushion! – this one also goes in the God forbid section. You may not believe but the draft and cold stone are two of the deadliest weather conditions on the Adriatic! Seriously! Ask any of the grandmas around! 

(We’re just kidding of course, but don’t be surprised if, when resting on the benches or staircases in the Old Town, nice old lady offers you newspapers or cushions to sit on, in genuine concern for your future offspring.)

Beachwear on main street Stradun – among people of Dubrovnik, especially older generations, entering the Old Town is almost seen as entering a church. The dress code for going for a stroll and coffee on the main street was „Sunday finest“, to the point that until last 15 years men did not wear shorts.

Over the years the attitude has ‘relaxed’ a bit, but you will still not see local people going around in swimmer. As of 2016 there is even a new bylaw instructing that that tourists who are seen topless or wearing swimwear on the streets of the old town will be fined of up to £250. So shirt ON! 

Ball games and bikes inside the Old Town are tolerated exclusively to kid’s living with the city walls 😉

Heavy make-up– sun&sea holidays are a perfect excuse for no or minimal make up.

Now you are all set for great holiday! 



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