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Excelsior is not only one of the leading luxury hotels in Dubrovnik, it is also a living record of the historical and cultural development of the city itself. Few hotels in Croatia have more than a hundred years of history linked to the major intellectual, social, cultural and artistic movements of the times.


A city icon known at the beginning of the 20th century as ‘Villa Odak’, the hotel has been at the centre of the tumultuous changes of history, a symbol of the aristocratic tastes of the decades. Its social role in both the past and present has made it a unique place, a living icon in the city.
Neither the two World Wars nor the hardships of the most recent Croatian War for Independence could close its doors; they were always open to offer the best possible service.

Perhaps the destiny of the Excelsior was marked from the beginning by its location. From the start, the building’s proximity to the famous city walls meant that people from the world of politics, business, travel, journalism, the arts and letters frequented the hotel. It also became fashionable for wealthy families to organize gatherings for weddings, baptisms, birthdays and private parties in the hotel’s halls and terraces, and tributes and events of high social relevance were staged here.

Over the course of its history, Hotel Excelsior has undergone numerous renovations essential to adapt the building to technical innovations and greater comfort. Recently refurbished to an exceptional standard, the Excelsior is renowned for its personal touch. Each of the 158 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites is stylish and comfortable, with spacious, modern bathrooms. Our spa facilities are considered the most luxurious on the Adriatic.

The Excelsior Hotel boasts an outstanding seafront position. Remaining true to the history and culture of Dubrovnik, whilst maintaining a home away from home feel, each of the suites are outfitted with art by renowned Dubrovnik artists, specially designed furniture, and rare unique artefacts which lend to its charming ambience.


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