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Limited Vintage –found only at ALH hotels!


To please the palate of (Croatian) wine lovers, Adriatic Luxury Hotels have created a special project. In partnership with one of the finest wineries in the Pelješac region – the Skaramuča family winery – we have selected a premium plot to grow a limited variety of Plavac Mali grape to create a special Dingač reserve, sold exclusively at our hotels and villas.This elegant, multilayered wine with ripe fruit notes of cherry and prune is vibrant and rich with an impenetrable ruby colour. The rich and layered fruitiness mixed with a final spicy touch of oak typical of Dingač results in the pure pleasure of excellent balance: luxurious, powerful and warm.

Why Dingač?

Dingač is a small patch of land covered in picturesque vineyards located on the southern hillsides of the Pelješac Peninsula northwest of Dubrovnik. The area is unique for its microclimate and position:  it receives up to 3000 hours of intense sunlight annually and extremely high temperatures, as it spreads over steep slopes above the Adriatic shoreline. Sunlight comes from three sources:  the Sun (daa :), the reflection from the sea and the limestone from beneath.

The Grape

Plavac Mali – the region’s most prominent and most popular red wine grape, is the basis of many of Croatia’s award-winning reds. Often compared to Zinfandel (or the Italian Primitivo), Plavac Mali was actually found to be its immediate family relation as they share roots in the ancient Croatian variety of Crljenak. While the name translates to “Little Blue (grape)”, the wines from this intense variety are anything but small. High in both alcohol and tannins, these wines are dense and robust, often with a spicy finish.

The Winery

The Skaramuča family vineyards are found on the southern slopes of Dingač, spread across 20 hectares of sun-kissed slopes on the Pelješac Peninsula. With so many award-winning wines, the decision to select a premium area of the vineyard for Adriatic Luxury Hotels limited vintages came naturally…

Photos: courtesy of Dingač vinery

The Wine

To enjoy our exquisite Dingač Reserve, ask your server or bartender for a recommendation or wine pairing advice.


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