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Cocktails with a view

A selection of Dubrovnik’s most scenic spots for sipping sundowners

As glorious warm weather descends on Dubrovnik, locals and tourists alike descend on the city’s many scenic summer sunset spots. For let’s face it, there’s little more satisfying at the end of a frantic day than sipping some colourful, cool concoction while a magnificent sunset unravels before you. Not to mention, there are few better ways to simply soak in the breathtaking beauty of the Old Town, or the unparalleled sight of the sun slowly sinking below the glistening sea or behind the towering silhouette of the islands.

So, to help you locate the best spots, what follows is an overview of Dubrovnik’s top locations for sundowners, including striking natural sites, beach bars and cocktail lounges that, as a rule, boast not only great drinks and vibrant ambiance, but, of course, spectacular views too.

Buža Bar

Those lucky visitors to Dubrovnik who pass through the small gated passage that pierces the City’s Southern Wall are welcomed to a world of dramatic natural beauty painted in relaxing Mediterranean hues.

This special place is known locally as Buža (“BOO-zha”).

In the dialect of Dubrovnik, buža means “hole”. In this case, buža refers to the hole-in-the-wall that leads to a swimming spot that is a popular stop for many of the people who live within Dubrovnik’s thick, protective ramparts.

Set on the rocks above the sea, at the end of the day, there is no better place than Buža to watch the color of the sky and sea change as the sun sets over the calm Adriatic, while leisurely enjoying an aperitif and perhaps planning where to have dinner that evening.


This is the spot to spend a laid-back summer holiday night if you are in Cavtat, perched above the platform beach with comfy chairs to sink back into and admire the fabulous sea views and twinkling lights of Dubrovnik in the distance …


On the highest point above the Old Town, passengers arriving at the cable car station atop Mount Srđ can take advantage of this café-restaurant with the jaw-dropping view of the Old Town, Lokrum island and, off to the right, a stunning sunset.

Sunset Lounge Bar, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Sunset Lounge in Dubrovnik Palace Hotel is the place to watch the daily natural phenomenon for which Dubrovnik is famed. Just before dusk, head through the hotel reception, find an armchair and sit back to admire the cinematic spectacle. As day transforms into the night and the sky glows burnt-orange, sip a glass of local wine as a pianist plays gently in the background.

Sunset Lounge is also the home court of our award-winning cocktail master Srđan Perišić.

For our readers only (shhhhh …) he shared the recipe for one of his recent successes!

Pink Pleasure

While we leave the name open to debate, the cocktail best served after dinner incudes:

  • Vodka Peach – 3 cl
  • Baileys – 2 cl
  • Amaretto – 1 cl
  • Vanilla syrup – 1 cl
  • Grenadine syrup – 1 cl
  • … well shaken, and served in a cocktail glass



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