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Victoria Restaurant & Lounge Bar - Dubrovnik

Peruvian Adriatic Fusion

Set on a grapevine-draped terrace overlooking the most sublime Adriatic sea view, Victoria is a destination in itself. Next to Victoria Restaurant is our atmospheric Lounge Bar where classic and contemporary cocktails are served inside or beside the fragrant gardens to a live jazz soundtrack. Peruvian people proudly state that their culinary style is unique - so does Roberto Chavez, the young head chef of Victoria Restaurant & Lounge Bar, the first Peruvian restaurant on the Adriatic. While combining fresh local ingredients with ethnic influences that make Peruvian cuisine so authentic, he prepares meals which reflect harmony and happiness beyond the kitchen.


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  • Villa Orsula Dubrovnik
  • Frana Supila 14a
  • 20 000 Dubrovnik




  • QUINOA BURGER Served with lettuce, tomatoes, melted cheese and rocoto mayonnaise with mango jam
    110,00 kn
  • CONCHITAS Seared scallops, aji amarillo adobo, Grana Padano cheese, parsley, garlic powder
    170,00 kn
  • ENSALADA ANDINA Quinoa, lobster, avocado, pomegranate, coriander, tree tomato and aji amarillo emulsion
    240,00 kn
  • CALAMARCITOS Grilled squids, basil puree, botija olive aioli, panca chili pepper sauce
    125,00 kn


  • WHIPPED POTATO WITH AJI AMARILLO CHILI Tuna, asparagus, sunchokes, smoked chili aioli, avocado, olive sauce
    195,00 kn


  • NIKEI Tuna, cucumber, mango, chives, sesame, soy sauce, "leche de tigre"
    175,00 kn
  • MIXTO White fish, octopus, tiger prawns, corn, sweet potato, Leche de Tigre with rocoto pepper sauce
    180,00 kn
  • VEGETARIANO Asparagus, red quinoa, citrus-cocona juice, chia
    140,00 kn


  • PANCETTA Pork belly, pickled chili, smoked mayonnaise, bbq-panca pepper sauce
    125,00 kn
  • PULPO Grilled octopus, spring potato, garlic aioli, botija olive sauce
    205,00 kn


  • ATUN SELLADO Yellow-fin tuna and slowly cooked veal cheeks, Aji Amarillo, tomato confit, Peruvian dry yellow potato, braised baby carrot, asparagus
    260,00 kn
  • LOMO SALTADO Grilled New York steak, tomato, onion, huancaina risotto and lomo saltado-morel sauce
    285,00 kn
  • PESCA NIKKEI Grilled monkfish, butter-bean puree, green peas, panca-miso juice
    230,00 kn
  • CHAUFITA Tiger prawns, wok quinoa, asparagus, broccoli, mustard-panca sauce
    190,00 kn
  • SECO DE CORDERO Lamb loin, dry potato stew, carrots, demi-glace and coriander sauce
    260,00 kn
  • CATCH OF THE DAY (kg) Cooked to order
    780,00 kn
  • LOBSTER (kg) Cooked to order
    980,00 kn
  • Side order of your choice: Swiss chard with potato, rice, fried or boiled potato, grilled vegetables
    ... kn


  • TRES LECHES Sweet vanilla biscuit, crunchy peanuts, raspberry chocolate sorbet
    80,00 kn
  • SUSPIRO DE LIMEŇA Lucuma cream, dulce de leche ice cream, cacahuate
    80,00 kn
  • CACAO Chocolate mousse, sweet Andean grains, Mango-passion fruit sorbeto
    90,00 kn
    45,00 kn