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Skycellar is the commercial name for a unique cave situated below the runway of Dubrovnik Airport -- hence the sky in its name. As for the word "cellar", the name comes from the collection of Konavle’s best authentic wines which can be tasted!

Located under the runways of the Dubrovnik Airport, this mid-size cave has a main passage of 199 metres in length, which ends with a large underground chamber. It is made of deposits of upper Cretaceous limestone and partly of sedimentary rocks such as breccia. There is an abundance of dripstones of various types: striking stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones along with varied animal live which inhabits it.

Archaeological research in the Đurović Cave has revealed an interesting fragments and locality that served as a temporary habitat and shelter for many centuries (since Bronze and Iron Ages), and in whose vicinity several pre-historic burial mounds and ruins were found.

What it shelters today is the extensive collection of most prized regional wines.


The Hall of the Republic of Dubrovnik is located in the deepest part of the cave, at a widening of the main passage. Here you can find the most interesting natural rock formations, dripstones, narrow and shallow hollows and small pools in the impenetrable sediment. Here, thanks to the optimal conditions for storing wine, with a constant temperature of 16˚C a fruitful cooperation with Konavle winemakers was established. As a result, the cellar hosts a complete selection of all the recognized and geographically protected wines from Konavle.

So whether you're flying to or from Dubrovnik, or have come to Konavle for some other reason, do not miss the opportunity to visit this unique attraction.




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