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QUIET, PLEASE! Dubrovnik and film are in love...

During the fourteen days of this first edition of the festival ˝Quiet, please! Dubrovnik and film are in love...˝, tourists and Dubrovnik locals of all generations will have the opportunity to become acquainted with all of the ties between Dubrovnik and the history of film culture.

The cinematic history of Dubrovnik is about 100 years old. Around eighty feature films, animated films, and series have been filmed in Dubrovnik throughout this period. One of the first foreign films, as well as the first colour film in Croatia, was filmed in Dubrovnik by the Oscar-winning director Michael Curtiz, filmed back in 1919, followed by films directed by Orson Welles, Jiri Menzel, Hayao Miyazakia (the greatest animator of all time after Walt Disney), Francis Ford Coppola, Roger Coreman (who taught James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Francis Ford Coppola), and many others.

The programme of the festival includes interactive exhibition about films that will be held in the ˝Luža˝ space, seven different projections with English subtitles of films shot on location in Dubrovnik, staging of selected movie scenes around the Old City (Captain America, Secret Invasion, Occupation in 26 Pictures, Kommissar X, etc.), projections of promotional tourism films, the ˝Following the Oscars˝ and ˝Game of Thrones˝ guided tours of shooting locations, conversations about film industry, a film orienteering race around the city, a film party, film quiz, cinema café, educational workshops for children on the subject of making film posters…Throughout the Festival,  visitors will be able to watch films in the ˝Kino Sloboda˝ movie theatre, as well as in the  cinema cafe ˝Festival˝ and in the Lazaretto.

More information and full programme: Official Festival Facebook page