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Pardon my Croatian – Sailing edition

This is how not to get lost on the shores of the Adriatic
(though sometimes that’s not a bad thing) 

These are not standard Croatian language terms: Most of these terms and are region specific, with roots in Italian language from their centuries long presence on the islands and the coast.


Equipment and general sailing terms

  • Akostati – to moor or dock the boat  (ah-KO-shta-tee)
  • Cima – main boat rope, used for docking (TSEE-ma)
  • Prova – Bow (PRO-vah)
  • Krma – Stern (KRma: just squeeze the K and the lightly rolled R as close together as you can J)
  • Timun – rudder (T –moon)
  • Kolpomorto   - off shore mooring (kol-po-MOR-to)
  • Surganje – anchoring (SOOR-gan-yeh)
  • Moštraventi – to tell tales (literally: show the wind direction) (MO-shtra-VEN-tee)
  • Pajet –  bumper (PA-yet)
  • Muo – pier (MU-oh)



  • Bura - NE (Boo-rah)
  • Jugo – SE (YOU-go)
  • Šilok – SSE (SHE-lok)
  • Maestral – NW (ma-EH-stral)
  • Tramuntana – N (tra-moon-TA-nah)
  • Lebić – SW (LEH-bich)


Point of sail

  • Privjetrina - windward  (PREE-vjet-ree-na)
  • Zavjetrina  leeward (  ZA-vjet-ree-na)
  • Plovidba oštro u orcu - close hauling (sailing within a 45 degree angle to the wind) (PLO-vid-bah O-shtro u OR-tsu)
  • Plovidba u čistu krmu – sailing downwind, running (the wind is coming from behind, across the stern of the boat) PLO-vid-bah OO CHIST-oo KRmoo
  • Plovidba u mezzanave – reaching; beam reach (sailing with the wind from the side, or from 90° from the boat’s sailing direction) PLO-vid-bah oo meh-zah-nah-vey
  • Plovidba u pola krme - broad reaching (The wind is coming from behind the boat at an angle. This represents a range of wind angles between beam reach and running downwind)


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