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‘Memories of Dubrovnik’

 An exhibition of paintings by Mersad Berber at LUNA+SOL Gallery 

The art season in Luna+Sol Gallery in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace concludes with an exhibition of paintings by Mersad Berber, one of the most notable artists to emerge from the chaos of the Balkan wars of the 1990s. He achieved a degree of international celebrity previously unknown for any artist from this region of Europe, with many exhibitions across the world.

Berber earned his celebrity through his heroic efforts to come to grips with the history of the region he lived in, and with his own personal relationship to that history. He employed a wide variety of artistic techniques, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. For example, he also created several short animated films, and was fascinated by the possibilities offered by new techniques of digital printing, sometimes producing prints of enormous size.

His paintings frequently do not deal with single images but with conjunctions of images, in some cases simply placed side by side, but in others layered one on top of the other. Berber’s paraphrases of Renaissance portraits and elegant images of classical nudes — one or two of them direct quotations from the work of David or Ingres — are often interspersed with figures in old-fashioned Balkan dress.

The paintings shown here, as a memorial to his career and work, do not focus on this tragic phase of his art, but on other aspects  that brought him worldwide admiration. These include elegant female portraits, based on High Renaissance prototypes, with which he challenged the 16th century masters of the Venetian school; paraphrases of Velazquez, which express his profound admiration for the great Spanish master; and paintings of horses, which recall his love for the peasant life of the Bosnian countryside. There are also some touching and penetrating self-portraits, made shortly before his death. They give a good idea of the breadth of his cultural interests, but the frequent fragmentation of the images also makes it clear that these are the product of an extremely contemporary sensibility.

The exibition will be open from August 13 to begining of November 2015.

Check out the exibition catalogue:


About LUNA +SOL gallery

True to its art concept of interior design, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is home to over 1000 original works by Croatia’s most prominent artists, including  Edo Murtic, Dusan Dzamonja, Jagoda Buic, Milutin Fabris, and Arman Jericevic.

The very heart of the hotel's art scene is LUNA + SOL, a quirky art gallery on the seventh floor, where guests can  explore paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and an art installation which plays with the changing light over the gallery's open horizion views over the Adriatic.


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