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"Party Time Planet" exibition

The art season of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace opens April 9 with an exhibition of works by Tomislav Ostrman, an acclaimed Croatian painter of the younger generation. 

Through his creations he explores non-verbal communication and anthropology. His art will take you a journey to “the Planet of the Whistlers,“ a utopian, optimistic, humorous place where the  main character is a sailor called “Whistler“, representing  homo ludens  - an ideal man of truthful and positive thinking.

The author explains:
“The party planet of the whistler sailors is a metaphor for a positive state of mind – an ideal society that should exist. Through my art I want to urge society to move in that direction”
I'm sure you'll agree that putting artistic expression into words is challenging task. Therefore we invite you read more about what Tomislav has to say here or simply come and see for yourself during April and May.

Take a look at the exibition catalogue:

About the Gallery

True to its art concept of interior design, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is home to over 1000 original works by Croatia’s most prominent artists, including  Edo Murtic, Dusan Dzamonja, Jagoda Buic, Milutin Fabris, and Arman Jericevic.

The very heart of the hotel's art scene is LUNA + SOL, a quirky art gallery on the seventh floor, where guests can  explore paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and an art installation which plays with the changing light over the gallery's open horizion views over the Adriatic.


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