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Kinookus Film & Food Festival,
03-06.09. 2015, Ston

If you are looking for a great way to find out all about food customs, preparation and the secrets of established international chefs, then Kinookus film food festival is the right place for you.

Kinookus is the only Croatian festival that combines the art of film and the pleasure of food. This street food festival attracts gourmets from around the world to encounter in novelties from the world of gastronomy.

This year’s festival is held in Ston, September 03-06, under the theme of 'Bread and Spirit'. The festival reflects the spiritual dimension of food, its symbolism in everyday life and its importance and role in ceremonies and celebrations.

The goal of the festival is awakening and refining the aesthetic and gastronomic senses for rare and forgotten tastes, especially those that are in danger of becoming extinct in a globalized, homogenous world. Thus, the audience of Kinookus festival includes top experts and connoisseurs, food hedonists and film lovers, producers of food and beverages, heirs to old customs and trades, caterers, nature lovers, adventurers, and ordinary people who seek authentic cultural events.

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