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#GOT season six start date announced



It was only a matter of time before the details of one of HBO’s most successful shows started trickling in. Now after a series of brief teasers, the channel have announced the start date for Game of Thrones season six.

Having left several of our favourite characters on a cliff-hanger, we have be patient until April 24  to get some of the answers.

We're particularly nervous to see what happened with the Queen Cersei, whom we let off in a rather shameful situation on the staircase of the King's Landing's Citadel
(Jesuit Church staircase in the Old Town). 

Croatia and particularly the city of Dubrovnik have been essential in location shooting for Game of Thrones since season 2. Though HBO announced that “based on story and location needs,” Game of Thrones will not be shooting season 6 in Croatia, Lena Headey did return to Dubrovnik to film some of the season six scenes.

Guess we will have to wait untill April to see how (and if) her's and Dubrovnik's King's Landing story ends ...


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