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FestiWine – Wine Week in Dubrovnik

The regional Dubrovnik Wine Festival is traditionally held the last weekend in April and is an event for true wine lovers wishing to taste and become acquainted with the best wine sorts in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Wine week in Dubrovnik hosts many events, not only celebrating enology but other various events such as art exhibitions, Dubrovnik vineyard excursions and wine workshops with wine tasting guides ...

During Wine Week, numerous Dubrovnik wine bars and restaurants mark their locations with red balloons for this special occasion indicating they are “Festiwine Friendly” and where guests are offered regional wines at a promotional price.

The purpose of this Festival is to promote wine culture and indigenous wine sorts from the Dubrovnik area. Even though Croatia is recognised in the world as a new wine destination, it has still to secure its place on the world’s wine map despite the fact enology has been an important economic activity through centuries. Original acts in the Dubrovnik Archive bear witness that wine and even singular sorts are mentioned in the state archives of the Dubrovnik Republic as far back as the 14th century.

The high point of the Festival is the FestiWine Gala at the Hotel Excelsior and which event is planned months ahead. A team of experts work so that each detail harmoniously blends in with the overall programme of such an exceptional evening. The team leader is the world renowned Slovenian Master Chef Tomaž Kavčič and his partner and host Hotel Excelsior Chef Petar Obad who, besides gourmet specialities, recites his own themed verses. Enologic harmony is topped-off by Siniša Lasa, current national sommelier champion. From the first to late moment, the evening is conceived as a performance enriched with creative surprises and amazing concepts of culinary and wine presentations.

If you happen to be in Dubrovnik between 20th and 26th April, look for the red balloon and get your ticket for the FestiWine Gala dinner at the Hotel Excelsior and indulge the flavours of offered wines, at least for now, in Croatia!

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