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''Evolution'' by Duško Šibl

August 11 - October 31, 2016
Luna+Sol Gallery at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel

''Šibl’s painting can, from our point of view, always be divided into several levels, seductively offering us a mirror, a psycho-emotional reflex in which we find ourselves at the very moment. This can be a playful dance, the art of seduction (ars amatoria), the duality of our angelic and demonic nature (Faust) or the motif of an empty androgynous human shell devoid of any content, or something which, when faced with emotional/existential pain, became a faded impression in an ever vegetative state. Duško Šibl ranks among those artists who speak insightfully about the crest and demise of particular civilisational epochs, of extreme emotional contrasts, of their beauty and horror, and in this he shares the same insightfulness with artists from Antiquity, Hellenism and European Mannerism, something which is much deeper and more complex than the usual referencing of the 20th century artistic spiritual brethren.'' 

From the review of the art critic and curator Mrs Iva Körbler. 

Join us fro the opening of the gallery on the August 11!

About the artist: 
Duško Šibl was born in 1951 in Zagreb. In 1977 he graduated comparative literature and art history from The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. In 1982 he finished the school of painting at the famous Byam Shaw School of Art in London, and in 1986 he obtained his master’s degree from the renowned Royal College of Art. Since 1982 he has been exhibiting his artwork independently and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and Europe. His work also includes performances (Liverpool, Unity Theatre 2008, Zagreb Dance Centre in 2009). He lives and spends his time equally between Zagreb, London and Dubrovnik.

Check out the exibition catalogue:


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