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Dubrovnik Snow Gallery

Magical, breathtaking, marvelous, bizarre,
but mostly unusual
are all the different words which could describe last two days in Dubrovnik.


video by 2THEsign

To wake up to a thick white layer of snow happens so rarely for people in Dubrovnik (last time it was in 2009) that it instantly evokes a holiday-like atmosphere regardless of age. This kind of weather closes majority of roads so it becomes a day off work, school or any kind of prior commitment.

This time the snow was no deeper than 20 cm and temperatures did no go below - 4 Celsius, but snow covered palm and orange trees, snow instead of sand castles on the beach and Dubrovnik’s signature red-tiled roofs now painted white, certainly created a winter wonderland for a day!

The snow has resulted in some incredible photos of this picturesque town.
Here's our pick:

 Gardens of Grand Villa Argentina



Hotel Dubrovnik Palace:

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik beach: