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Dubrovnik, now and then

"Crossing CROSSROADS Crocevie - Dubrovnik & Croatia"

This summer, Grand Villa Argentina hosted a special guest - one of the most prominent photographers of the 20th century, Romano Cagnoni. The reason for his stay was the opening of the photo exhibition "Crossing CROSSROADS Crocevie - Dubrovnik & Croatia" which displays photographs of Dubrovnik and Croatia during the years of 1991 and 1992. Romano Cagnoni, one of the world's most famous living photographers, who spent 50 years of his career trying to capture the spirit of his times, spent time in 1991 in Croatia and Dubrovnik to witness and capture the destruction of cultural heritage using a large format camera - 'banco ottico'. The resulting compositions combine destruction and beauty, to form technically perfect photographs with a surprising effect that reaches out from the frame. This large format photography stands outside Cagnoni's classic photojournalism and serves  as a timeless art that confirms its uniqueness in capturing the reality.

Known for his documentary work in war-ravaged areas and international conflict zones, Mr. Cagnoni produces documentary photography which induces the necessary pause for reflection, a moment of conscience, witnessing historical moments that risk being lost in the speed and excess of visual media consumption. Visiting Dubrovnik after the war, and staying in the same hotel that was in wartime home to many foreign reporters, was a special emotional experience for Mr. Cagnoni. We talked with him on the terrace of Villa Orsula, about his impressions of Dubrovnik, and the memories of the most difficult moments in the history of the city, which he personally witnessed and forever immortalized.

The entire interview can be read in in the forthcoming issue of the ALH Times magazine in April.

The photography exhibition "Crossing CROSSROADS Crocevie - Dubrovnik & Croatia" can be viewed in the Gallery 'Dulčić, Masle, Pulitika' in the period from 15 August through 15 September 2015.