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Dalmatian canzona, Mediterranean melancholy

A peaceful, quiet and unobtrusive man, Tedi has uncompromisingly nurtured Dalmatian canzona throughout 30 years of his musical experience.  

With the belief that "less is more," Tedi’s calm and serene melodies, which we call the Dalmatian melos, took us back to an older Mediterranean, a land of small vessels and hardworking fishermen, accustomed to the fact that next to them lies a more powerful and capricious neighbour, who feeds or penalizes them by according to its current mood - the sea.

Tedi’s Dalmatian temperament was a perfectly fit for the ambiance of Vala Club in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, where, his vocals came to life among the rocks overlooking the open sea …

More images await in the gallery!


We are continuing the Stars beneath the Stars program with the fado concert of renowned Croatian preformer Jelena Radan (28.07 in the Gardens of Grand Villa Argentina)

*All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated towards refurbishment and equipment upgrade of the Emergency room in Dubrovnik hospital. 

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