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Christmas on the Streets of Dubrovnik

 Winter in Europe is not the same without the Christmas markets even on the sunny Mediterranean shores like the ones we enjoy in Dubrovnik.


It’s hard not to get into a festive mood with hearty comforting food that warms your body and soul, the cheerful and lively atmosphere in the market squares, and the fairy tale surroundings.
We bring you a bit of this year’s atmosphere from our main street Stradun;

Seasonal Culinary Specialties 

Taste the flavours of the season while wandering through the Christmas market; look out for candied orange peel (arancini)or almonds, the local cheeses, sausages, alongside culinary specialties such as Croatian doughnuts (prikle), a braided wreath of sweet bread flavoured with citrus and spices, sweet fried biscuits (krostule), and peach-shaped cookies (breskvice), Carob cake – a locally made cake from the carob fruit and all of these are washed down with a glass (or two) of a home made brandy or mulled wine (kuhano vino) to help keep the cold out.

The entire Dubrovnik Winter Festival program runs until March 2017 with Christmas celebration lasting until January 8th, followed by the Saint Blaise Festivity and Dubrovnik Carnival.


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