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Bellevue Beach - A secluded hideaway

Below the hotel, accessible by the hotel's private panoramic lift, awaits a secluded pebble beach – a rare find among the rocky cliffs of Dubrovnik.


As the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic send an open invitation to settle down on a sun lounger, our favourite moments are definitively mornings - there is something utterly relaxing about starting the day with a pre-breakfast dip in the Adriatic.

The hotel has its own designated area with sun loungers and umbrellas, on this otherwise public beach.

Afternoons bring natural shade from the cliffs that surround  the bay,  as well as occasional water polo matches during the  local tournament called ”Divlja Liga” (Wild League).

It is a traditional amateur league in which each team represents one of Dubrovnik’s beaches. Showmanship, rather than athletic skill, is often the spirit of the tournaments, which encourages the spectators in their wholehearted cheers and chants. It is certainly a unique Dubrovnik summer experience.


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