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An evening of Fado


“I fell in love with that music, and as I am an interpreter by nature, my instinct is to try to reproduce what I hear, reviving the story and the emotions behind it. What drew me to fado is the nostalgia and longing; and a large part of me is just that. Fado is the saudade, melancholy, longing, painful void of unfulfilled desire, the pride, the quest...

On the last night's Stars beneath the Stars concert Jelena has chosen some of the most beautiful, the most wistful, and the most exciting fado songs, to recreate for the audience her love of fado and retell her fado encounters. As described in one of the most beautiful songs, Chuva (Rain), there are times and passers-by through life which we easily forget, but there are those we can never let go, and just the very thought of them brings back a sadsmile to our faces. The time spent at a concert in the romantic gardens of the Grand Villa Argentina, elicited such memories with the audience, and the concert itself became one of those memories that not even chuva can erase.

Check out the gallery for more images!

The program continues with Natali Dizdar, 02.08 in the Palm Garden of Hotel Excelsior - See you there!

*All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated towards refurbishment and equipment upgrade of the Emergency room in Dubrovnik hospital. 

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