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Almost Perfect - by Lena Kramarić


"It’s hard that any art historian can describe a painting precisely. More accurately, there is no one who can put into words the artist’s feelings and thoughts that led to the painting. Describing this process is sometimes difficult for artists themselves, whilst some cannot do it at all. This is why we sometimes feel so utterly helpless, yet, something forces us to think, speak and describe artists and their work. And we do our best to do them justice. It seems to
me it is no coincidence that “plunging” and “plunge” sound similar and have the same root; namely, to turn to oneself, plunging into one’s inwardness, can sometimes lead straight to the abyss. Or it could, instead, take us away from the brink of the abyss. If we think of another similar word – “immersion” - we get the first associations of the artwork by Lena Kramarić’s, a young Dubrovnik artist." 

this is how art historian Ivan Viđen starts his epitome for 

the exibition "Almost Perfect" by Lena Kramarić, opening on April 21, in LUNA+SOL gallery of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. 

Continuing in the same mantra we will let her work draw us in her very personal "Alice in Wonderland world", extending and open invite to all our guests who wish to visit. 

About the artist 

Lena Kramarić was born in 1982 in Zagreb. After finishing the School for applied art and design (graphic department), she enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Department for Art Education, with a major in painting) which she finished in 2008. She continued her education at the Postgraduate doctoral study “Painting” under the mentorship of Professor Damir Sokić. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists. She takes part in numerous solo and
group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. In addition to her artistic work, she worked as art and art history teacher, created and led many art workshops, worked as graphic designer, illustrator and interior designer. She lives and works in Dubrovnik.

Check out the exibition catalogue:


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