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New #ALHLoveStory Video Campaign

In a new video campaign, ALH sets a romantic story in focus one more time.

The impressive, authentic scenery of Dubrovnik inspires the dynamics of this love affair and becomes a key component, almost ‘an invisible middle man’, assisting the inevitable to happen -- the love of a lifetime.


by the distinctive beauty of this destination, the campaign is also a video sequel to the brand advertising campaign which Adriatic Luxury Hotels launched in 2012, which aimed to promote Dubrovnik as a place of unique impressions, that create long-lasting memories for all discerning travelers who visit and stroll within its walls. At the same time, it presents the ALH collection as an impeccable choice of accommodation for exploring and getting acquainted with Dubrovnik.

The romantic story of a couple in love, who experience encounters and separations in Dubrovnik’s dreamlike landscapes was inspired by love stories of many celebrities and anonymous pairs, whose romantic moments Dubrovnik has witnessed for years.

Have your own special Dubrovnik moments to share? We would love to see ... #ALHLoveStory 


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