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ALH Times - 2017 issue

Newly redesigned issue: Bringing news, events, happenings, tips, recommendations, curiosities, light beach topics ...
Dive into the world of ALH and the wider Dubrovnik area!


12 Corallium Rubrum
19 Dubrovnik Top Instamoments - Tiramole
20 Kawa
30 Grebeni Lighthouse
32 Rum Zacapa
36 Great Ston Walls
40 Dubrovnik Green market
42 Karaka
44 8 Dubrovnik summer don’ts
49 Konavle Tips

14 The Croatia’s Shakespeare
This year we are marking 450 years of legacy of our greatest playwright, one of the most eminent Croatian writers, as well as one of the key authors of European Renaissance comedy - Marin Držić.

28 Robin Hood Story
We bring you the press conference with director Otto Bathurst and executive producer E. Bennett Walsh. Read on how Dubrovnik transformed in the legendary town of Nottingham and became a major scene for filming the new blockbuster “Robin Hood: Origins” with an impressive list of Hollywood stars, including Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan, Taron Egerton and Eve Hewson.

50 10 fun facts about Croatia you’d never have guessed
If you ever visited Croatia then you are probably familiar with our culture, food, coast and people. But did you know that the necktie has its origin in Croatia? Yeah, we thought so; this is why we will add this little fun fact list about Croatia to tease your knowledge!

41 Pardon my Croatian – green market
Try to say Balančane? Hard, right? Well if you ever want to buy some at our green market, we bring you some useful phrases and their pronunciation for easier communication with the locals. Good luck!

52 Mljet – Dive into happiness
Dare to follow the route of ancient Greek galleons, Ulysses and Jacques Cousteau into the purest waters of the Adriatic and explore the amazing underwater world of the National Park Mljet.