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66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival



10 July – 25 August

The oldest cultural festival in Croatia, Dubrovnik Summer Festival presents rich and vibrant theatre, classical music, ballet, opera, jazz, folklore and other program. This year Festival is celebrating its 65th anniversary. Relying on  the City’s and its own rich and living heritage, the Festival promotes site-specific programme policy, combines tradition and modernity, and connects local, national and international creativity. As a place where people gather together to exchange ideas and create new projects, the Festival promotes Dubrovnik as a Croatian and world spiritual and cultural centre.

With the idea of harmonizing the renaissance and baroque atmosphere of Dubrovnik the pices are performed on around 30 unique stages throughout the city, ranging from palaces and churches to monasteries and forts.

Dubrovnik Festival_concert in front of  St Blaises Church.JPG


According to the date of its foundation, this festival is the oldest; according to the duration of the festival season, it is the most expensive; by its attractive stages, it is the most inspirational, and by participation of the renowned theatrical, musical, opera, dance and folklore artists, it is the riches festival. Since its beginning until today, it has kept the most valuable thing - a deep connection to its own Dubrovnik and Croatian cultural tradition and awareness of its place in the world culture, which guarantees the success and longevity of the Dubrovnik Festival.