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Top 3 #InstaSunsets in Dubrovnik

Like trying to retell a dream, recounting a beautiful sunset is a futile enterprise. The colours, the scale–the true nature of a sunset is ineffable. What’s more, such beauty is ultimately subjective in the first place.

While one traveller weeps at the fading orange glow over the sea, another sits rapt at the smoggy kaleidoscope over a bustling cityscape.

It’s not the ultimate rule … no matter where you are, you’re in for a special treat. 

We can simply share with you some of our favourite places with a tip that if you are visiting us in May get your camera ready from aproximately 19:40 to 20:20.

Sunset Bar Dubrovnik Palace

(or any place in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace for that matter … there is something magical in open sea views and Elaphiti Islands in the background)

Dubrovnik Cable Car

From the top it becomes exceedingly clear what the people of Dubrovnik were so desperate to protect when they built the city walls. 

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Porporela is pier and breakwater in Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour originally built in the old times to reduce the intensity of waves, reduce erosion and protect boats and ships anchored in Dubrovnik’s harbour. Although it is located in the Old town, Porporela can be pretty solitary spot and that is exactly the reason we like it a lot – you can sit there on the bench and gaze to sea and Lokrum Island, the boats sailing by, listening to sea waves and odd seagulls and really enjoy the moment…

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