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More than a job

Meet the concierge of Villa Orsula

“A person’s strength lies in serene and steady striving towards the good, defined by thoughts, expressed by words and realized by actions”. In my life and work, I try to be guided by this favourite Tolstoy quote of mine. That is the reason for receiving positive energy from my dear guests, which I return full-hearted, and it is enough to make me come to work every day full of enthusiasm, animated, with an inevitable smile on my face 

– says Adila Hebib, concierge at Villa Orsula in Dubrovnik, revealing the secret of her 28-year successful career.

According to her own words, her task is to be available to guests for all their wishes and needs doing her best for them to leave her hotel with nice memories

– It is my job to provide the guest with what they want, be it a hairstyling appointment  at five o’clock in the morning just before their flight to a new vacation destination, or be it a surprise in the form of two hundred roses in the hotel room just an hour prior to the arrival of their loved one. It was not rare that I would also buy tickets for someone’s favourite concert, which would most often be sold out, just a few moments before the beginning; excellent contacts and a well- established team, which I can boast of, make the impossible easily feasible.

says Adila who is adored by her guests for her charm, warm eyes and kind words at every moment of their stay.

Adila has friends worldwide, and she says it is her greatest treasure. 

– A married couple from Belgium had become so attached to me that after a few months upon returning home they sent me a plane ticket so that I could visit them. Three unforgettable weeks in my life would be the simplest description of staying at their home. I also remember the arrival of a Saudi Arabian prince who made me cry when he asked me to enable him to go unnoticed on an island boat trip. At that moment we were ready to offer him a yacht or a helicopter but he wanted to be surrounded by people, to enjoy their gazes and stories even if he could not understand what they were saying. However, he made me laugh when I went shopping for him, buying swim trunks and ordinary summer T-shirts; later on I was in a dilemma wondering whether a prince might wear garments with patterns of flowers and butterflies. Since all went on in perfect order, those are now nice memories

– explained the charming lady of Dubrovnik who not infrequently sings to her guests.

Adila Hebib is a concierge at Villa Orsula. She has been in the position since the Villa opened, and has been working at Adriatic Luxury Hotels for the past 12 years. She is a lawyer by training, but her love for tourism and travel has determined her current profession. 

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