Lifestyle 13.10.2015

Mediterranean Fall Makeover

photo by Marcus Saul 


The time for the makeover is just right! Especially now when we are transitioning from summer’s too much sun-salt-sand skin, towards harsh winter’s-wind-kissed skin!

This sunny region bordering the Mediterranean Sea has long been associated with health and beauty. Invigorating diet aside, in fact many modern beauty treatments and products originated from the area. Ever since the time of ancient Greece and Rome region’s ingredients, such as fresh herbs, oils, olives and honey which are all full of skin-beautifying and anti-aging nutrients, have been mixed into remedies of both medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Therefore “Youthful glow “is just an extra excuse for visiting Dubrovnik area in fall-
and here are three best spots to make the most out of it:

Visit Dubrovnik Green market

Some of these remedies are as simple as massaging olive oil into your hair for nutrition and shine, or making a honey-lemon face mask, all of which can be found on Dubrovnik Green Market each morning

Visit the 700-year old pharmacy of Franciscan Monastery in the Old Town

Dating back to 1317, and still working, this is one of the European oldest pharmacies, and it still produces creams and lotions according to the hundreds of years old Franciscan recipes.

Try Esensa Mediterana – Golden life treatment at Energy Clinic:

Overlooking the Old Town, Dubrovnik’s iconic Hotel Excelsior hosts Energy Clinic Spa Specialists on over 850 sqm of spa area.  Simply walk through the airy reception area and let the calm wash over you – the indoor pool stretches out invitingly, with whirlpools for complete relaxation.



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