InsideALH 24.03.2015

Mario Testino

Last September, locations of Adriatic Luxury Hotels and various spots in Dubrovnik Old Town served as a perfect backdrop for a fashion shoot for Vogue magazine.

An interview with iconic photographer on location in Dubrovnik

The Vogue team was led by the iconic fashion photographer Mario Testino, and featured supermodel Lara Stone. The whole team stayed at Adriatic Luxury Hotels.

During three days of shooting, they were spotted on the terrace of Villa Agave, at the beach of Hotel Excelsior and along the stone streets of the Old Town where curious passers-by watched the famed photographer and the gorgeous Lara Stone in action.

“I suggested it. I have loved spending time there, such beautiful place and so inspiring. I think it was the perfect place for the pictures we wanted to take, showing the summer fashions” mentioned Testino on how they came to Dubrovnik also adding: 


“I think Dubrovnik, to begin with, has history and beauty. That is a very attractive quality from which much potential can spring” in regards to Dubrovnik’s prospective as a future fashion/editorial destination.

What else he shared with us about the fashion photography, the style and passion behind it, read in the full interview in ALH Times (page 28). 


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