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Gardens of Grand Villa Argentina

A sun-kissed Mediterranean sanctuary

The gardens that shelter the Grand Villa Argentina from the outside world date back to the 1920’s when the villa was constructed, encompassing all the elements of a true Mediterranean sanctuary.

Cascading all the way down to the deep-blue waters of the Adriatic, the gardens are lush with mature palm and cypress trees and filled with lemon, wild orange, rosemary, lavender and bay leaf plants – the flavours of a Mediterranean kitchen that come alive every spring.

Living on the Mediterranean in the summer times means living outdoors, and the gardens are filled with little sunny nooks and hidden enclaves, where you can sit and admire the scenery in complete solitude. Parts of the regal old-world charm are ornamented planters, small benches and fences, whose stone patina bears witness to the seasons gone by.

… and the ultimate wedding backdrop

Tranquil and stylish, these gardens provide the ultimate romantic setting for wedding photos, while the spectacular views out to sea, and across to the Old Town, are the perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations.

The one with the most „I Do’s“is certainly the „Big Garden“ located directly down the hill of the villa. Each wedding here is so unique and beautiful in its own way, that we can say the garden has been watered with many tears of joy. The garden certainly has witnessed amazing ceremonies like grand Indian wedding celebrations or even a “puppy wedding” in which the groom requested 20 small puppies (as a surprise to the bride) to be released during the vow exchange. Was she is going to say NO? – We don’t think so!

This garden is also often referred to as “tennis garden”, since it was once actually a tennis court built in 1928 by the owners of the original villa, which was quite a popular weekend spot for local elite and their guests.


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