Culture & Art 28.04.2015


The design concept behind Bellevue interiors

Bellevue’s interiors were envisioned to be contemporary and uncluttered, with a true Mediterranean soul. This is a  discreet and unpretentious hotel with no tacky glitter, where olive wood, grey granite, and matte stone surfaces set the keynote of natural textures, evoking a true Mediterranean atmosphere of tranquility. Nothing distracts from the panoramic windows and sea views that stretch miles and miles into the deep blue.

The art on display within the hotel follows the same mantra, encompassing the overall concept as ‘ethno-techno-rock’. 

Ethno, because we like to use local materials, show off local craftsmanship and give a flavour of Croatian culture through the works of art on display.

The materials are organic, the cushions are locally stitched, the paintings on the walls were made by leading Croatian artists. In the rooms, lithographs and pastels come from top Croatian artists: Fedor Džamonja, son of the famous sculptor, himself a distinguished photographer and painter; and Željko Senečić, a painter, architect and stage designer, with additional paintings and installations by Armano Jeričević and Jagoda Buić.

The word techno speaks for itself

the hotel is absolutely state-of-the-art,
comfort never being conditional.

And rock …

…is for its “living rock position”

as the hotel is literally carved into the cliff above the Miramare Bay, with some of the original stone pieces still sticking out (decoratively 😉


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